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The Ripple Effect 

“The idea that everything is purposeful really changes the way you live. To think that everything that you do has a ripple effect, that every word that you speak, every action that you make affects other people and the planet.” ~ Victoria Moran 


The simple laws of cause and effect permeate throughout our existence. For every action there’s a reaction, and the consequences of our decisions can be far-reaching. What we do in life does echo in eternity, and the choices we make during our time on this earth will impact generations to come. You may not realize it, but your life is bigger than just you. Both your words & actions hold power and should not be underestimated. You’d be surprised to know who’s watching you and absorbing the energy you’re putting out into the world. 


“Having a vested interest in other souls unconditionally creates a ripple effect that produces miracles in the lives of those around us.” Molly Friedenfeld 


When you make the decision to be the spark to ignite the fire of greatness in others, your words & actions become the catalyst to ignite positive change. You have more influence than you realize. What you do with it will determine your legacy. You reap what you sow, so be mindful of the seeds you’re planting. Your overall goal should be to leave the world better than you found it. Uplifting, encouraging, supporting, and empowering others to be the best version of themselves will create generational ripples throughout eternity. Choose to be sensitive to the needs of others and use your words to help cleanse their spirits and wash away the pain of the past. Building others up will enable their lights to shine even brighter.


“Everybody talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that’s a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect.” ~ Rob Reiner 


In the same way pouring water into a pond creates rippling, pouring into yourself will create an energetic ripple effect. Your physical & spiritual well-being play a major role in how you show up in the world, so make feeding your spirit a priority. Take the steps necessary to ensure your cup stays full. Making your needs a priority will increase your capacity as well, enabling you to be the best version of yourself for others without feeling drained.


“Each life creates endless ripples.” ~ Frank Herbert 


The world is an ecosystem, and every living being on this earth is interconnected in some way. In the same way a breeze can agitate water, we can agitate each other, creating a surge of emotions. Both positive & negative. Our emotions swell like waves when provoked, so be mindful of the energy current you’re circulating into the atmosphere. Be someone who breathes life into others by building them up, providing insight & encouragement. The energetic waters of the world are becoming extremely murky. Increase your capacity, fill your cup with positive energy, and let it cascade out into the world. Don’t just seek change. Be it.



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