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How Do You Want To Be Remembered

For several reasons, Gladiator * is one of my favorite movies. The action scenes were stunning, but what really resonated with me were the cerebral gems the writers sprinkled into the storyline. The following lines from the film made me reflect over my own life choices, the direction I was headed, and what I wanted for the future.


“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”


“When a man sees his end, he wants to know there was some purpose to his life. How will the world speak my name in years to come?”


“Ultimately, we are all dead men. Sadly, we cannot choose how, but we can decide how we meet that end in order that we are remembered as men.”


These quotes led me to ask myself a series of questions. How do I want to be remembered? What do I want my legacy to be? And what steps am I taking to make my goals a reality? Answering these questions requires deep reflection. It demands you block out the noise and contemplate your priorities and what you deem important. Money? Family? Love? Respect? Power? Prestige? God? Are your priorities out of order? If so, what changes do you need to make to put your life into proper alignment?


I want to be remembered for having a good heart. For being a constant source of encouragement. For being a good listener. For being the spark that ignited the fire of greatness in others. For playing a significant role in changing the legacy of my branch on the family tree. What we do in life does echo in eternity, and the choices we make during our time on this earth will impact generations to come. Our lives are bigger than just us, and your future bloodline is depending on you to set the stage for their success. As the saying goes, if you didn’t come from a rich family, then you need to ensure a rich family comes from you. And not necessarily rich financially. You can create a family rich in love, peace, and the presence of God. You must make breaking generational family curses a priority to ensure that legacy doesn’t get passed on. You can be the one to break the chains of abuse, addiction, and poverty. The power is in your hands.


We can’t choose how and when we leave this world, but we can influence how we’re remembered when our time is up. Your actions and legacy go hand in hand, for one influences the other. Your actions will determine how the world speaks your name. You can be remembered as being selfish and not caring about anyone but yourself, or you can be remembered for having a beautiful heart and doing everything possible to meet the needs of your loved ones. The choice is yours. Your actions will determine whether you served a purpose, or if you simply served yourself.



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