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Missed Opportunities

“Too often, we miss out on opportunities in this life because we were too busy waiting for them to fall into our lap that we missed them tapping on our shoulder.” ~ Daniel Willey


During a sermon I recently heard, the speaker shared the following quote by Jackson Brown: “There is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity.” This sparked a series of thoughts within my own mind. I know the speaker was referencing good opportunities, but my brain was considering all the variables. I immediately thought not every opportunity is a good opportunity, and that there will be times when the best thing you can do is say no to a potential offer. With that being said, missing out on a good one can feel like a gut punch to your soul. Great opportunities don’t come along every day, so when they do you must seize the moment. So yes, in this instance, a missed opportunity can be quite expensive. And what can compound the misery is passing on the opportunity because it didn’t present itself the way you envisioned in your mind. People pass on blessings every day for this reason. You must be open-minded because God won’t always bless you the same way He did before. Especially if you didn’t appreciate His prior attempts to bless you. Even Moses was forced to carve the tablets out of rock by hand for God’s Commandments after destroying the first set God created for him. So don’t think you’ll get a pass.


“In the final analysis, life often unveils itself as an anthology of missed chances—an untold story of roads not traveled and destinies left unexplored.” ~ Carson Anekeya


I wish it were possible to sit down in front of a TV and watch what would’ve happened had I taken advantage of certain opportunities earlier in life. I don’t want to go back & relive it. I just want to see how things would’ve turned out. Would I have been further ahead in life, further behind, or even possibly deceased? People always talk about what they would do if they could go back in time with the knowledge they have now. It sounds good in theory, but I think it’s safe to assume your life wouldn’t look anything like it does now. The city where you reside, your home, your children, your spouse, your girlfriend, your pet(s)…could all look completely different…or be nonexistent. Some might consider this a good thing, but different doesn’t always equate to better. When most people ponder possessing great wisdom at an early age, they’re focused on the money they could make with said wisdom. But substantial wealth doesn’t always result in extraordinary bliss. Rich people commit suicide, too. In my opinion, there’s no greater form of wealth than having peace of mind. As I’ve stated before, peace of mind is all encompassing. Good health (mental & physical), financial security, genuine love, and a relationship with God are the goals we should strive for.


“The worst form of regret is the one born from unspoken words and missed opportunities, echoing the untold stories of what could have been.” ~ Monika Ajay Kaul


I’d rather miss an opportunity I’m not ready for than mess it up. If I simply miss it there’s a chance it could come back around again…however slim. But when you mess it up? Chances are even slimmer you’ll be offered the same opportunity again. Regret can be a result of both scenarios. But regret hits a little differently when the ball hits you in the chest & you drop it…versus the ball hitting you in the back of the head because you weren’t prepared for it to come your way. For this reason, it’s imperative you prepare for what you say you want. You won’t be able to seize every opportunity, but preparation will enable you to capitalize on the ones you deem the most important. Whether you miss it…or mess it up…the feelings of loss you experience will feel the same if the opportunity never presents itself again. For this reason, you must be intentional with your decision-making if you want to create the life of your dreams. Success is rarely accidental. The next time the ball is thrown your way…will you be ready?



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