hisposition the bottom line


“Bottom Line – the final result or the most important consideration of a situation, activity, or discussion.” ~ Cambridge Dictionary


Several years ago, I read something stating the quickest way to know where you stand in any given situation is to bottom line it. To bottom line a situation is to take strategic steps towards finding out the truth. Time is our most valuable asset, so getting to the point as quickly as possible is crucial. Time wasters are everywhere. It will always be in your best interest to cancel them out in pursuit of your goals. Knowing the bottom line enables you to choose the best option based on the data at hand. Data you may never be able to obtain if you don’t take a proactive approach.


“Faith is an island in the setting sun, but proof is the bottom line for everyone.” ~ Paul Simon


Knowing the bottom line is critical to every aspect of your life. Having faith in reaching a desired outcome is always important, but faith & reality are not always in alignment. There will be times when what you’re believing for…despite your best efforts…simply won’t pan out. It just isn’t for you. In order to avoid unnecessarily wasting your resources…implementing the steps necessary to come to an accurate conclusion in the shortest amount of time is of the utmost importance. This is where the possession of solid proof makes all the difference. In most cases, asking direct questions will suffice. But then there are the ones who are slow to commit. This is where you must get creative in your pursuit for the truth. People love to keep their options open…just in case. What’s funny is these same individuals would not be happy if a competitor scooped you up. It’s comparable to a child ignoring one of their toys until another kid starts playing with it. Jealousy & possessiveness can quickly become the order of the day. Always keep in mind there are countless people & organizations who would love what you bring to the table. Don’t limit yourself to being someone’s backup choice. You’re more valuable than you know.


“The bottom line is you need to be authentic; you have to be really honest to yourself.” ~ Jacob Collier


Faith rooted in delusion is simply a fairy tale. You have nothing to gain from lying to yourself. Situations with gray areas will occur. In order to protect yourself, you must avoid these areas whenever possible. Clarity is a must when determining the bottom line. There will be people who will intentionally avoid taking a position in a matter. You must be strategic in your approach when dealing with these types. If done correctly…you can force them to provide clarity with their actions (or inaction)…when getting them to verbally communicate their stance borders on the impossible. Just keep in mind that when you make the decision to force someone’s hand…you must be mentally & emotionally prepared for every possible outcome. The results may not be what you hoped for. But knowing where you stand will always be better than hanging in limbo & being led on with no end in sight. There are millions of other options out there. Life is too short to spend it focusing on something or someone who isn’t for you in every way.


“The bottom line is to be in control of your own destiny.” ~ James Woods


“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32 Understanding exactly what you’re dealing with gives you the power to take control of both the situation and your resources. It helps you determine who / what is deserving of your time & energy. It will also protect your heart, as well as your peace. Your capacity is limited, so reserving your energy for fruitful pursuits is of the utmost importance. Your time is not to be played with. Taking authority over your life by determining who / what deserves your attention is not only self-love…it’s self-preservation.



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