The Mission

As Iron Sharpens Iron, So A Man Sharpens The Countenance Of His Friend. ~ Proverbs 27:17

The disposition of a man is multi-faceted. Being subject to the human condition, we’re both strong and weak. Courageous and fearful. Loving and unkind. Grateful and envious. Brilliant and mindless. Honorable and immoral. Saint and sinner.


A paradox.


The goal of Hisposition is to conduct a deep dive into the struggles men face and provide direction as we maneuver our way through this journey called life.

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver! ~ Proverbs 16:16


About Terrance L. Moore

I’m a United States Air Force veteran with over 20 years of management experience in both the commercial and government sector, including the Department of Defense (DOD). Formally trained in 3D design, I have a passion for all things creative, including music, art, and the written word. I study psychology for fun, for I feel my true calling is to provide encouragement to others, offer an empathetic ear, and help them maneuver through the trials & tribulations of life.

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