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Intentional Living: What’s Your Strategy?

It has become a customary practice among many to begin the year with a set of goals, or just one primary goal, to accomplish during the new year. These objectives are wide ranging, influenced by your current stage in life. My primary goal, my mission statement if you will, is to live a peaceful life. Peace is all encompassing. Peace in your health. Peace in your finances. Peace in your relationships. Peace in your home. Peace in your mind. Where there’s peace, there’s joy. And you must be intentional in the pursuit of peace, because this world is chaotic beyond description.

What’s your strategy?

We’re surrounded by turmoil and drama, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow it into our mental space. Once we’ve set our intentions / objectives, boundaries must be established to protect what we hold valuable. A boat can only sink if it allows external forces, water, to infiltrate its structure. What are your intentions for your life, and what are you doing to ensure they become a reality? What’s your strategy? Are you putting the pieces in place, or are you winging it?

Do your homework.

Intentionality requires a plan of attack. You can’t simply say you want to lose weight and expect the pounds to magically shed. You can’t accomplish an academic goal without enrolling into a program, and then putting in the work, to ensure success. You can’t find love if you’re afraid to love, or if you’re unwilling to allow someone to love you. Love is an action word. A verb. And if you refuse to act, you’ll never create momentum. If your goal is to live fully, again, you must act. You must first decide what living fully means to you, because everyone’s definition won’t be the same. If you’re a couch potato, and binge watching your favorite shows brings you joy, then it’ll simply require a subscription to your favorite streaming services. If you desire to spend more time outdoors, then you must decide what that will entail. The options are endless. Walking. Jogging. Hiking. Fishing. Attending or participating in sporting events. What brings you the most joy? If your goal is to improve your relationships, after deciding what you want that to entail, you must then implement the steps necessary to make it a reality. This could be as simple as setting aside more quality time for your loved ones. Then you must narrow down how you will spend that time. Understanding their love language and what makes them feel special will help determine the way forward. What makes one person feel loved may leave someone else feeling empty. Do your homework. Listen. They’ll tell you everything you need to know. If your objective is to improve your finances, conduct a thorough analysis of your financial situation, and then adjust accordingly. What do you consider improvement? Reducing credit card debt? Increasing your savings? Investing in the stock market? Increasing your 401k balance? Once you decide, take the necessary steps to reach your goal. This could require you to get a part-time job, or you could start a side business. Whatever you need to do, do it.

Decide, then act.

Happiness is in the eye of the beholder, so only you can decide what it looks like. Once you decide, then it’s a matter of taking the necessary steps, baby steps if needed, to get where you want to be. Intentional living requires intentional thought & preparation. Focus on the process of continuous improvement, and your dreams will be in reach sooner than you think.


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