discernment how do you know something is for you

How Do You Know Something Is For You? 

One of the biggest challenges is opening your heart and mind to the plan God has for your life. His plan may be for the best, but it comes with a lot of unknowns. And not all those unknowns will be comfortable. You must constantly remind yourself that His grace will always be sufficient, and that He won’t put more pressure on you than you can bear. I’m pretty good at stepping out on faith. My never-ending challenge is knowing what He wants me to pour my faith into. I’ve barked up the wrong tree more times than I care to mention.


How do you know something is for you?


Time is a precious commodity and not to be wasted, so knowing when to fight for something, and when to walk away, is crucial. Persistence can open many doors, but it can also leave you overwhelmingly disappointed. The pain of unrealized dreams can be difficult to bear. I’ve wasted more time than I can remember pursuing dead end situations, ones I thought I could bring to fruition if I didn’t give up. There are countless stories where someone faced an extremely difficult situation but refused to give up, and their persistence led to great achievement *. But in many cases, it doesn’t work out that way. And this applies to everything from relationships to career choices.


There’s competition in every industry, and high-profile industries tend to be more saturated. The ability to succeed in these markets requires discipline, skill, hard work, and persistence.  For some, the refusal to give up leads to massive success. But for others, the refusal to give up leads to bitterness and frustration with their inability to bring their visions to fruition, despite their paramount effort. Dreams don’t always come true, and sometimes it’s for the best. There are times when that seemingly great opportunity isn’t in your best interest. And it normally isn’t until later you realize God was protecting you from what you thought you wanted. It’s not that what you wanted was a bad thing, it just wasn’t good for you.


There are situations where your talent can take you places your character can’t handle. Examples of this are littered all over the entertainment industry. Consider all the entertainers who lost their lives to drug use. The entertainment industry is extremely toxic, and if your character isn’t strong enough to withstand the temptations presented on almost a daily basis, you’ll be susceptible. This applies to any situation where you have a platform that puts you in the limelight. Whether you’re an athlete, politician, minister, or public speaker, the spotlight will bring temptation. Many people are drawn to high-profile individuals, and their motives may not always be pure.


In many cases the signs are there letting you know how to proceed, but the problem is when you want something, you tend to ignore them. I’m guilty of this so I’m speaking from experience. This is where the use of discernment becomes imperative. How do you know if something is for you?  Keeping your emotions in check when making important decisions is a critical component. Prayer, meditation, and learning to listen to that still, small voice we call intuition is vital to making wise decisions. You must be disciplined & conscious enough to allow your higher self to operate in your life and maneuver you into your God-ordained position. This will enable you to make better decisions. Decisions in alignment with your life’s purpose.


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