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Love Has A Rhythm

“When we step in the name of love, we cannot rhyme if we don’t have the same RHYTHM, and we cannot have the same rhythm if we are not listening to the same BEAT. It takes someone who understands the rhythm and melody of your “heartbeat” to dance to it.” ~ Olaotan Fawehinmi


Life has a rhythm. The changing of the seasons. The shifting of the stars & planets. There’s a delicate dance taking place in every ecosystem in existence. When things fall out of rhythm / alignment, dis-ease can take root. The same is true with love. Love has a rhythm. And it’s imperative we learn the cadence of each other’s heart to stay in step. When we fail to keep pace with the rhythm of love, if we’re not careful, dis-ease can lead to the death of our relationships. We must listen to understand the hearts of our loved ones if we desire to get in step with their heartbeats.


I love, the melody in your voice, the sound of your laughter, the rhythm of your ways, the beating of your heart. You, are music to me.” ~ John M. Ortiz


When our hearts are in tune with each other, the composition of beautiful music takes place organically. When in sync, their entire existence becomes a sonic masterpiece. The sound of their voice. Their smile. The way they walk. It’s effortless. There will be moments when life drowns out the music, but don’t allow the moments to turn into days. We must be intentional in our effort to not allow the flow of life to overtake the flow of love. The music is always there. We only need to pay attention. And show our appreciation for every note.


I desire to know you. Every breath of your heart, every fleeting look on your face, the rhythm of your joys, and the melancholy of your sorrows. ~ Ella Leya


It takes work to reach this level. You must learn what the other person needs to stay in tune with their heart. You must become a lifelong student of their needs because we’re constantly changing. And our requirements will change as we transition through the stages of life. What worked in one season will become irrelevant in the next. We must possess the emotional intelligence to recognize when those changes have taken place, and then adjust accordingly.


Love moves in sync with the cadence of forgiveness, sings in tune with the melody of acceptance, and dances in rhythm with the music of companionship. ~ Steve Maraboli


The rhythm of love is complex, and the tempo is ever-changing. With each phase of life comes a new song. The melody may change. The drum pattern may fluctuate. The tempo may change. But the instruments needed to keep the music playing will never change. Love, understanding, patience, forgiveness, appreciation, acceptance, effort, and grace will forever be key components to create a virtuoso of love. If you both apply these elements to your relationship, when life switches up the tempo unexpectedly, you’ll be able to stay in step for a lifetime.


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