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The Greatest Romance That Never Was

“She had a place in his life. He never made her think twice.”

What A Fool Believes ~ The Doobie Brothers *


It’s amazing how our minds can play tricks on us. How we can create our own false narratives. And this phenomenon isn’t limited to matters of the heart, for it can be applied to every aspect of our lives. But this article will be centered around the desire for love. All it takes is a few coincidental events to create the foundation for future disappointment. In a world full of cold, distant people, a friendly smile flashed towards someone with a lonely heart can send their imagination into overdrive. In a matter of minutes, the wedding date, the names of your children, and the color of the hardwood floors in your new home can really become a thing. Our brains can go from a simple “hello” to visions of marriage to visions of your false teeth sitting in a glass next to theirs on the nightstand all in the blink of an eye.

When the heart is hungry, it wants to be fed. Junk food. Health food. It doesn’t matter. This desire can lead you to believe you’ve found your twin flame when, in reality, your heart is seeing its own reflection in the other person. Its own desires. Its own hunger. This can be dangerous when the other person senses your hunger and takes advantage of the situation in a negative way. They begin leaving breadcrumbs, leading you down a path of destruction. You’re hoping those crumbs lead your heart to its future home. A home where it will be loved, wanted, desired, and appreciated. But it’s leading you down a path to nowhere.

The story of Samson & Delilah has been twisted by many into a great love story, but the truth of the matter was she was assigned with the task of manipulating him into revealing the source of his strength. Samson’s desire for a soft place to lay his head led to his demise. He made this mistake multiple times, but Delilah became his ultimate downfall. His lack of discernment clouded his ability to see the situation for what it really was.


A fool and his heart have been the source for many an art.


A fool and his heart have been the source for many an art. And social media has made it even easier to get lost in our desires. Something as simple as “liking” a post or having someone reply to your comment on their post with a heart emoji can fuel all types of fantasies in the mind of the love hungry. And once again, this leaves you vulnerable to manipulators and attention seekers. The more you comment, the more they dangle the carrot, giving you a false sense of hope. This can make you a prime candidate to get gaslighted in some shape, form, or fashion. Tactics such as responding indirectly, by using your words in a new post without acknowledging you, enables them to avoid any accountability. If you say anything to them about it, they’ll act like they don’t know what you’re talking about. This is just one example, as there are several ways manipulators can toy with you.

Deluding ourselves into thinking it is what it isn’t doesn’t take a lot of effort. People take words and images out of context every day. Desire can lead us to take a friendly gesture as a declaration of interest, laying the groundwork for future disappointment. It’s completely avoidable, but a hungry heart can be a foolish one. The heart wants what it wants. Even if it doesn’t really exist.  


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